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Welcome to my web sites devoted primarily, but not exclusively to football and ice- hockey badges.

About me and my collection

I have been collecting badges for more than 30years and during that time I have been successful in completing approximately 10,000 football badges and several thousand badges covering other subjects - Dukla, ice-hockey, cars, old SC . . .

Initially I was interested in football badges mostly depicting these chosen European countries – England, Scotland, Portuguese, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Luxembourg, Italy, Hungary, Romanian and Bulgarian.I complete badges from all of these clubs without exception. Also, from other European, South American and Oceanic countries I have complete sport club badges from teams which had historically played their first football leagues.

It is rather difficult to process information for missing badges but I will try to complete them step by step on my web sites.

About my www sites

My web sites have been developed over time. I have continued to grow and enrich my collection and use this format to offer any duplicate or surplus badges that I have obtained.

You can view the badges that I have in the “My Collection” section of my site. Due to the high quantity and comprehensive nature of my collection I am unable to show the complete selection of badges at this time. However, I will continue to add to the site to ensure full inclusion.

On my site I also offer badges to exchange and/or sell. I would be more than happy to complete the above mentioned countries and even make a virtual catalogue if you would be obliged to send me photos of your collections.

Enjoy my web sites

Best wishes from Jiri